Sorting and comparison

Sorting and comparison help children to stimulate their cognitive area and also help them to see math in the world and everything they do. These activities include: compare objects, compare colors, matching colors and sorting objects that kids see everyday.

Activity #1: Sorting Shapes


  • Cardboard shapes.
  • Shapes.

Procedure: The child will classify the different types of shapes in the correct shape.



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Activity #2: Pompom sorting legos


  • Lego or megablocks.
  • Color pompoms
  • Pin.

Procedure: The child will identify and classify the pompom in the correct block using the pin.


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Activity #3: ¿How big is your pumpkin?


  • Printed comparison chart.
  • laminated  printed pumpkins

Procedure: the child will classify in the correct size the pumpkin.


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Activity #4: ¿How tall are you?


  • Big sheet of paper.
  • Markers.
  • wool.

Procedure: the child will draw their classmate size and later they will identify the classmate who is taller.


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Ecoactivity #5: Comparing leaves.


  • Paper.
  • Markers.
  • Leaves.

Procedure: the child will classify the leaves in the correct size.

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